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  • Breakthrough in unlocking genetic potential of ocean microbes

    Researchers have made a major breakthrough in developing gene-editing tools to improve our understanding of one of the most important ocean microbes on the planet. The international project unlocks the potential of the largest untapped genetic resource for the development of natur…

  • New genetic editing powers discovered in squid

    Revealing yet another super-power in the skillful squid, scientists have discovered that squid massively edit their own genetic instructions not only within the nucleus of their neurons, but also within the axon -- the long, slender neural projections that transmit electrical impu…

  • Gene therapy reverses heart failure in mouse model of Barth syndrome

    Barth syndrome is a rare genetic disease in boys that can cause life-threatening heart failure and also weakens the skeletal muscles and the immune system. There is no specific treatment, but new research, involving new mouse models, shows the potential of a gene therapy approach …

  • Research breakthrough: Humans are not the first to repurpose CRISPR

    We humans are far from the first to exploit the benefits of CRISPR. Groundbreaking research has helped to redefine what CRISPR is. Researchers have discovered that primitive bacterial parasites weaponize CRISPR to engage in battle against one another. This discovery opens up the p…

  • HEK293 Cells: Applications and Advantages

    Human embryonic kidney 293 (HEK293, HEK-293, or HEK) cells are one of the most common cell lines used for research purposes, second only to HeLa cells. Their popularity is due to several properties such as easy maintenance, robustness, and ease of transfection. The history of HEK …

  • High-throughput screening of AAV vector capsid libraries reveals unexpected insights

    Researchers have used high-throughput screening of adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector capsid libraries to maximize the likelihood of obtaining AAV variants with desired properties. As a result of these experiments, they gained some unexpected insights, reported in an article publ…

  • CRISPR enhances production of EPO used to treat anemia

    EPO, an important drug for treating anemia, can now be produced in higher quantities and with better quality in mammalian cells designed using CRISPR.

  • Improved CRISPR gene drive solves problems of old tech

    Gene drives use genetic engineering to create a desired mutation in a few individuals that then spreads via mating throughout a population in fewer than 10 generations.

  • New kind of CRISPR technology to target RNA, including RNA viruses like coronavirus

    Researchers have developed a new kind of CRISPR screen technology to target RNA. The team leveraged their technology for a critical analysis: The COVID-19 public health emergency is due to a coronavirus, which contains an RNA - not DNA - genome.