[Knockout gRNA Vector] Only $129 Buy One Get One!

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1. Key Features:

① Ubigene optimizes CRISPR/Cas9 system, and designs gRNA with high knockout efficiency and low off-target effects;

② Offering multiple strategies with various target sites, Ubigene can fullfill your demand of frame-shifting knockout or fragment knockout.

③ Different fluorescent markers and resistant markers are available.

④ Diverse target species, including human, rat, mouse, zebrafish and other species.


2. Promotion Time



3. Promotion Details:

① Enjoy a discounted price of $129 for a single gRNA vector.

② Customers who purchase a single gRNA vector will be given store credit with a value of $129 for custom knockout cell lines service.

③ The store credit shall not be used with other promotion.




List Price

Promotional Price

Gene-KO vector (single gRNA)

2-3 weeks

USD 258

USD 129

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