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  • Cell Proliferation

    Cell Proliferation Cell proliferation is one of the important physiological functions of living cells and is an important life characteristic of organisms. Cell proliferation is the basis of organism growth, development, reproduction as well as heredity. Technical Details Normal c…

  • Cell Migration and Invasion

    Cell migration and invasion Cell migration, also known as cell crawling, or cell movement, refers to the movement of a cell after receiving a migratory signal or sensing a gradient of certain substances. Cell migration is an alternating process of pseudopodia extension at the cell…

  • Cell Cycle

    Cell Cycle The cell cycle refers to the whole process of a cell undergoing from the completion of one division to the end of the next, and the cell cycle is divided into two phases, interphase and mitosis. Interphase (interphase) is divided into three phases: Pre DNA synthesis (G1…

  • Cell Apoptosis

    Cell Apoptosis Apoptosis refers to the orderly, autonomous death of cells controlled by genes to maintain the homeostasis. Apoptosis, unlike necrosis, is not a passive process, but an active one, which involves the activation, expression, and regulation of a series of genes, etc. …

  • Detection of Marker Protein Expression

    Detection of marker protein expression Immunofluorescence technique, also known as Fluorescent Antibody Technique, is one of the earliest development of labeled immune technology. It is a technology based on immunology, biochemistry and microscopy. For a long time, some scholars h…

  • Cytokine Secretion and Enzyme Activity Test

    Cytokine secretion and enzyme activity test Cytokines are small secreted proteins released by cells have a specific effect on the interactions and communications between cells. In the process of immune response, cytokines play an important role in immune regulation, inflammatory r…

  • Cytotoxicity Test

    Cytotoxicity test Cell cytotoxicity is a simple cell killing event caused by cells or chemicals and does not depend on the apoptotic or necrotic mechanism of cell death.Sometimes cytotoxicity testing is required for specific substances, such as drug screening. Technical details No…

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