Overexpression/Knockdown Cell Lines

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Overexpression/Knockdown Cell Lines

Gene overexpression and knockdown are common methods to study gene function. Overexpression/knockdown refers to overexpression/knockdown of target genes in target cells. Cells can be infected by plasmid or virus, and the cells with stable overexpression of target genes can be obtained by drug screening.

1. Technical Details

The exogenous DNA will be cloned into the vector with selection marker. The vector will be transfected into host cells and integrated into the chromosomes. By screening the selection markers of the vector, stable cell lines expressing target protein will be obtained. The expression time, location and intensity of the target protein can be regulated under the control of different promoters.

2. Key Features

① The overexpression vectors from Ubigene have been optimized. Due to the high integration efficiency, the target fragments is up to 10 kb.

② Strict preliminary experiments will be carried out to increase the chance of success and greatly shorten the turnaround. Such experiments include monoclonal formation rate verification, optimal electroporation condition confirmation, minimum lethal concentration testing, target sites validation, etc.

③ In addition to DNA-level testing, Ubigene can conduct QPCR to verify expression of the target gene in positive clone.

3. Quality Control

Overexpression vectors will be sequenced. Positive clones will be delivered after QPCR.

4. Applications

① Upregulation of target protein expression;

② Gene function study;

③ Simulation of human diseases;

④ Drug screening, etc.

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