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cell line service

Custom Stable Cell Lines

Strict quality control, more than 100 types of cell lines experience.

Conventional Method


Knockdown (RNAi)

virus packaging

Virus Packaging

High titer, high transduction efficiency, excellent infection in vitro and in vivo.

Conventional Method


shRNA expression

cloning service

Cloing Service

Short turnaround, low cost, multiple species, provide different plasmids to fulfill different research needs.

Conventional Method

Gene expression

shRNA expression

cell product

Primary Cells

Multi-species, multi-types, full coverage of nearly 400 primary cells.

recombinant proteins

Recombinant Proteins

High purity, high activity, low endotoxin, four expression systems, more than 2000 recombinant proteins.

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  • CRISPR cell lines

    Genome Editing Bacteria & Fungi, only $2020, as fast as 4 weeks.

  • KO cell
    Knockout Cell Line

    Start your year off right by only $2020 on CRISPR cell lines and $59 on plasmid!

  • Knockout / overexpression / interference lentivirus and stable cell lines
    Year-End Deals

    Knockout / overexpression / interference lentivirus and stable cell lines.

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