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Lentivirus, different from regular retrovirus, can effectively infect cells in division and non-division, and the infection efficiency is very high, which is several times or even dozens of times that of traditional methods. Lentivirus has a wide range for host and can effectively infect many types of cells, such as neurons, hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, tumor cells, endothelial cells, stem cells, etc. In addition, it also has the advantages of low immunogenicity and large gene capacity. It is a powerful tool for introducing foreign genes, and Lentivirus is often used to construct stable cell lines. While ensuring the Strong activity, high titer and stable expression of fluorescence/resistance genes of lentivirus vector, Ubigene adopts the third generation lentivirus packaging system for lentivirus packaging to make it safer.

Product Name Catalog# Size Price (USD) Instruction
   Cas9-Hygro Lentivirus YV-Cas-LV002-1000 1*10^8TU(1000ul) 1300 More
   Cas9-Puro Lentivirus YV-Cas-LV001-1000 1*10^8TU(1000ul) 1300 More
   Luc Lentivirus YV-KO-LV009-Luc-1000 1*10^8TU 650 More
   shRNA control lentivirus (mCherry) YV-SH-LV002-mCherry-1000 1*10^8TU 650 More
   mCherry expression lentivirus YV-OE-LV002-mCherry-1000 1*10^8TU 650 More
   shRNA control lentivirus (EGFP) YV-SH-LV001-GFP-1000 1*10^8TU 650 More
   EGFP expression lentivirus YV-OE-LV001-GFP-1000 1*10^8TU 650 More
   Cas9-Hygro Lentivirus YV-Cas-LV002-500 0.5*10^8TU(500ul) 900 More
   Cas9-Puro Lentivirus YV-Cas-LV001-500 0.5*10^8TU(500ul) 900 More

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