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Knockdown Plasmid
RNA interference (RNAi) is induced by a highly conserved, double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), which would cause specific degradation of homologous mRNA. Specific genes can be silenced, resulting in the loss of function or suppression of gene expression.
YSH series VectorReporter gene; Selection marker
Lentiviral YSH plasmid YOE-LV001EGFP/mCherry; Puro/Neo
Non-viral YSH plasmid YSH-RP001EGFP/mCherry; Puro/Neo
AAV YSH plasmid YSH-AVV001EGFP/mCherry
Note: Ubigene provides customized plasmid solutions, including different types of backbone, expression system, shRNA design, and Pol II promoters (Mir30-shRNA), etc.
Restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing
Different species: mammals, zebrafish, primary cells, stem cells, cell lines, microorganisms, etc.
Different purposes: frame-shift mutation knockout, fragment knockout, precise knockout, point mutation, fragment knockin.

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