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KO Cell Lines

Ubigene has built up about 3000 KO cell lines, covering thousands of genes from 8 popular signaling pathways, popular immune checkpoints, and diseases (most are cancer diseases). And we keep expanding our list. All KO cell lines are validated by Sanger sequencing. A validation report and STR authentication report will be provided. We assure our KO cell lines are free of mycoplasma, and with good viability. Free technical guidance will be provided as well. Ubigene also provides customized KO cell line services, click here to view our service details.

  • PCDH7 Knockout cell line(HAVSMC)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: PCDH7
    Gene ID: 5099
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H001(HAVSMC)
  • DGKQ Knockout cell line(Hep G2)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: DGKQ
    Gene ID: 1609
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H002(Hep G2)
    YKO-H002(Hep G2)
  • SNORD17 Knockout cell line(Hep G2)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: SNORD17
    Gene ID: 692086
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H003(Hep G2)
    YKO-H003(Hep G2)
  • KREMEN1 Knockout cell line(RKO)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: KREMEN1
    Gene ID: 83999
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H004(RKO)
  • IGF2BP2 Knockout cell line(HEK293)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: IGF2BP2
    Gene ID: 10644
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H005(HEK293)
  • DKKL1 Knockout cell line(HuH-7)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: DKKL1
    Gene ID: 27120
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H006(HuH-7)
  • RMND5B Knockout cell line(H1)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: RMND5B
    Gene ID: 64777
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H007(H1)
  • IL4R Knockout cell line(HeLa)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: IL4R
    Gene ID: 3566
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H008(HeLa)
  • IL13RA1 Knockout cell line(HeLa)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: IL13RA1
    Gene ID: 3597
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H009(HeLa)
  • IL10RB Knockout cell line(HeLa)

    Organism: Human
    Gene Name: IL10RB
    Gene ID: 3588
    Size: 1*10^6
    Catalog#: YKO-H010(HeLa)

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