Lentiviral Packaging Kit


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Lentiviral Packaging Kit

  • Lentiviral Packaging Kit

    Lentiviral Packaging Kit

    Price (USD): 250;600;1000
    Catalog#: YK-LVP-05;YK-LVP-20;YK-LVP-40
    Size: ~5 tests;~20 tests;~40 tests
    Instruction: Lentiviral Packaging Kit

Ubigene Lentivirus Packaging Kit uses a third-generation packaging system in which the 3'LTR of the genome is mutated to form self inactivation (SIN), whereby the viral genome, when integrated into the cell genome, does not produce new progeny virus and therefore has a relatively good safety profile. The kit is composed of a lentiviral packaging plasmid mix (LV PacMix), control lentiviral plasmids carrying EGFP and Puromycin resistant gene, and Polybrene, and can be used for efficient packaging and purification of high titer lentiviruses for use in vitro and in vivo experiments.

LV PacMix contains 3 helper plasmids for lentivirus packaging, which achieved efficient improvement of virus yield with better virus packaging effect by employing Ubigene exclusive developed formula. Both viral helper plasmids and control viral plasmids are the ready-to-use endotoxin-free plasmids, which can be used directly for transfection. If needing expression plasmids (lentiviral backbone), feel free to contact Ubigene for ordering.

In addition, Ubigene provides high-quality expression plasmids and 293T packaging cells, in which the 293T packaging cells of Ubigene has low passage, strong viability, can grow rapidly and have stronger survival ability, while being highly transfectable, and the yield of lentivirus is higher than that of a common 293T cell line. Feel free to contact Ubigene for ordering our 293T packaging cell line.

Product Advantage

  • (1) Thrid generation packaging system, safe to use
  • (2) Optimal ratio of different helper plasmids, improve lentivirus yield
  • (3) Endotoxin-free plasmids, ready to use

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