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As we all know, for scientific researchers
Summer vacation is not always the 100% “vacation” as it literally means
During vacation, we still need to regularly stay at our lab
To take care of our precious cells for our experiment
What about giving yourselves a real vacation?
Let Ubigene helps you!
No matter you want to do gene overexpression or knockdown
Here, Ubigene provides what you want in a short time,
plus a beneficial price for you

Lentivirus Packaging as low as $559
Stable Cell Line as low as $1780

Also, you could enjoy a cashback promotion
500 USD off on every 5K spent!
Limited-time promotion, seize your chance now!

Stable Cell Line

During promotion,
you could enjoy the promotional price as below listed,
and enjoy the cashback promotion together
(500 USD off on every 5K spent)
Promotion time: 2021.7.15-2021.8.31

Stable Cell Line
TypeOverexpressionKnockdown (1 shRNA)Knockdown (3 shRNA)Deliverables
Price (USD)Turnaround
Price (USD)Turnaround
Price (USD)Turnaround
Popular cell line20207-1017807-929807-91M cells/vial
2 vials/cell pool
modified cell line
(Over 100 types)
Regular cell line29809-1424809-1339809-13
NotePopular cell lines: Hela, HEK-293, A549, HCT116, 4T1, SGC-7901, RAW264.7, NCI-H1299
Lentivirus Packaging
Knockdown3 shRNA 17973-5
1 shRNA 5993-5
KO1 Single-gRNA 5593-5
1 Dual-gRNA 10784-6
3 Single-gRNAs 16773-5
Single gRNA/Cas9 All-in-one 18283-5

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