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Getting stuck on low efficiency of stable transduction Also finding cell pool condition unstable during the stable cell line construction
Let's Ubigene rescue you! No worries any more! Ubigene has thousands of transfection/transduction experience of more than 200 types of cell lines. Come and enjoy Ubigene's Stable Cell Line Service & Single-cell Clone Isolation Service!
Reliable cell lines STR Authentication, in-stock WT cells free-to-use
High standard Stable cell line validated by RT-qPCR, suitable for subsequent single-cell cloning
Optional expression system Lentivirus method, PiggyBac, Tet-on/off system, etc
MOI database Tested the best MOI of every cell line, paired with optimiazed culture system to help accelerate the recovey of cell condition after transfection/transduction
Promotion Time: 2022/5/27-2022/8/30
Promotion for academic customers only (e.g. universities and research institutes)

Customized Stable Cell Line Service

Ubigene offers Customized Stable Cell Line Service, providing screened positive stable cell pools with stable cell condition, beneficial for your subsequent studies. Now 50% OFF is also available for Single-Cell Clone Isolation Service!

Customized Stable Cell Line Service

Type Overexpression Knockdown(1 shRNA) Deliverables
Price(USD) Turnaround(Week) Price(USD) Turnaround(Week)
Popular cell line 2020 7-9 1780 6-8 1M cells/vial
2 vials/cell pool
Successfully modified cell line(Over 200 types) 2480 8-10 1980 8-10
Note Popular cell lines: Hela HEK-293 A549 HCT116 4T1 NCI-H1299
200+ successfully modified cell line list, click here >>

Single-Cell Clone Isolation Service

Service List price(USD) Promotional price(USD)
Single cell clone isolation(2 clones) Regular cell lines   500   250

Stable Tool Cell Line

Ubigene has mature system and procedure to construct stable cell lines, and has successfully constructed more than 200 types of stable tool cell lines, including Cas9/Luciferase/EGFP stable expression cell lines. Deliver with expression data and report. Order NOW to get a 10% discount!
Cas9 Stable Cell Lines
PriceStarting from 1390 USD
ReportCas9 expression validation data, STR report
Luciferase Stable Cell Lines
PriceStarting from 1190 USD
ReportLuciferase expression validation data, STR report
EGFP Stable Cell Lines
PriceStarting from 1190 USD
ReportFluorescence image, STR report

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