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Speed is the key to success
Also the key to success in scientific research and publication
With the increasing scientific research demand for KO cell lines,
How to quickly obtain high-quality qualified KO cell lines become a type of "pain"
In response to this, Ubigene launched 4 speedy solutions for gene knockout
As low as $1780, as fast as 1 week to deliver full-allelic KO cell clones
Easily meet all types of needs of KO cell lines
Promotion Time: 2022/8/16-2022/10/31
Promotion for academic customers only (e.g. universities and research institutes)

Solution One3,000+ KO Cell Lines Deliver As Fast As 1 Week

With the continuous progress of our Red Cotton™ Gene Knockout Project, Ubigene KO Cell Line Bank already holds over 3,000 KO cell lines
2,000+ genes covering all popular signaling pathways,
100+ drug target genes from 11 categories,
Nearly a thousand disease-related genes from 150 diseases (mainly cancer and tumors).

Promotion KO cell lines (see list below)

Turnaround: 1 week

Deliverables: Positive Clones

3,000+ KO cell lines

Turnaround: 1 week

Deliverables: Positive Clones

Starting from $1980
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Promotion KO Cell Line List

Gene ID 59272 324 714623 627 672 12505 1956 13982 3845 56339
Gene ID 4609 4615 114548 4851 5728 6772 6774 7097 7099 7157

Solution Two"Speedy Customization" Cell Lines Deliver As Fast As 4 Weeks

Benefit from the brand-new upgrade of CRISPR-U™ technology and the accumulation of experience in the construction of thousands of KO cell lines, "Speedy Customization" has launched for 4 popular cell lines, delivery as fast as 4 weeks easily speeds up your scientific research.

Solution ThreeCustomized Cell Line Construction From 200+ Types Of Cell Lines

Having successful experiences in knocking out 5,000+ genes in 200 mammalian cell lines, Ubigene can offer gene knockout services for all types of mammalian cell lines including iPSC/ESC lines!


Turnaround: 8-12 weeks

Deliverables: Positive Clones

Price (USD): $2980

MDCK B16-F10 4T1 293T NCI-H1299

Turnaround: 8-12 weeks

Deliverables: Positive Clones

Price (USD): $3780

Hep G2 CT26.WT RKO Vero HT-29 MC38 MC3T3-E1 NIH/3T3 AGS H9C2 U-2 OS SK-MES-1 U-87 MG SCC7 C2C12 CHO-k1 Hepa 1-6

Turnaround: 8-14 weeks

Deliverables: Positive Clones

Price (USD): $4280

Promotional cell lines in 200 cell list
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Solution FourSimplify The Experimental Process By EZ-editor™ Series Products

Based on our own experience, Ubigene specifically developed EZ-editor™ Gene-editing Series Products, over 400 types of products including in-stock 10,000+ gRNA plasmids, Cas9 stable cell lines with STR authenticated, Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free) to accelerate the experiment.

EZ-editor™ Series Products Type Price(USD) Our strength
gRNA Plasmid Over 10,000 in-stock $20 High-efficient knockout, KO effect tested
Cas9 Stable Cell Over 100 types $1390 With STR authentication, stably express Cas9
Cas9 Expressing Lentivirus / $650 High transduction efficiency, stably express Cas9

More EZ-editor™ Series Products

  • Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free)
    Cell preparation as low as 30-50 cells, as fast as 15 mins required, 4 weeks shorten to validate positive clones
  • Gene Knockout Kit
    high-efficient gene-editing kit based on the CRISPR-U™ system, can increase gene-editing efficiency by more than 10 fold

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