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CRISPR library The preferred and popular tool for gene high-throughput screening The one you can’t miss for gene function study based on phenotype Now over 20 in-stock CRISPR libraries are on sale! Get the library from $199 only Custom CRISPR KO/CRISPRa/CRISPRi library enjoy 35% off! Offering amplification, lentivirus packaging, functional screening, NGS analysis etc One-stop service for the whole process is provided in Ubigene!
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Promotion period: 2023.3.20-2023.5.25

Libraries in stockStarting from $199

Coverage rate >99%, Uniformity<10
Genome-wide library 11 types
Species:Human, Mouse, Green Monkey, Pig
Systems:Single/Dual plasmid system A/B
Deliverable:Plasmid (2/100/200/500ug)
Other libraries 10 types
Species:Human, Mouse
Types:Metabolism, Membrane Proteins, Epigenetics, Drug Targets, Kinase Phosphatase, Nucleoprotein, etc

Customized Libraries35% off

CRISPR KO/CRISPRa/CRISPRi Coverage rate >99%, Uniformity<10 Supported by parameters for 200+ cell lines
CRISPR library construction 100ug Plasimid NGS analysis report
Library amplification Different sizes for plasimid deliverables Optional NGS analysis
Lentivirus Packaging 1mL or 5mL 1*10^8TU/mL
Functional Screening & NGS Analysis Cell pool available NGS gene function screening report

Technical Process

Samples for Data in the NGS report

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