OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 cell line


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OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 Order

OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 cell line
Storage conditions
Shipped on dry ice; Store in liquid nitrogen
OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 cell line

Detailed Product Information

Product category
Cas9 Stable Cell Lines
cell name
Circular single cell,suspension
Passage ratio
Expression gene
Resistance gene
Construction method
Mycoplasma test
Culture method
Use Cas9 gene expressing lentivirus constructed by Ubigene to infect the OCI-Aml-3 cell line, screen the cells based on the resistance marker and the optimal antibiotic screening concentration explored in advance, resulting in a OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 cell line that can maintain long-term, stable and high expression.
Product Validation Data(RT-QPCR)
Sample Name Target Name Cт Mean ΔCт
OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 Cas9 17.82628632 4.10815716
OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 h-actin-B 13.71812916
OCI-Aml-3 Cas9 34.43646240 19.91123962
OCI-Aml-3 h-actin-B 14.52522278
Cutting Efficiency Validation
OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 cell line Product Validation Data(RT-QPCR)
Note: The above figure shows the sequencing peaks of the OCI-Aml-3-CAS9 stable cell pool which is electroporated by CHD4 gene targeting gRNA plasmid, after 48h antibiotic screening. The red arrow indicates the position where the nested peak appears, which shows that the genotype of the target site is significantly changed due to the cutting. Therefore, it indicates that Cas9 nuclease is successfully expressed.
STR Profile
Loci STR Info (Sample Cell)
Sample Cell Line:OCI-Aml-3
STR Info (Cell bank)
Cell Line:OCI-AML3
D5S818 11131113
D13S317 813813
D7S820 910910
D16S539 11131113
VWA 17181718
TH01 810810
TPOX 811811
CSF1PO 11121112
* STR authentication data of this cell line matches with that of cell lines sourced from ATCC, DSMZ, JCRB, and RIKEN databases

Product Advantage

  • Easy to use:Cas9 cell lines in our cell bank can stably express Cas9 protein. Each Cas9 Stable Cell Line is easy to use and enables gene knockout simply by transfecting gRNA, while transfection of gRNA and donor DNA results in gene knock-in or point mutations
  • High-efficient KO:These Cas9 stable cell lines have been used to construct the KO cell lines for various genes, gene KO efficiency 5-10 times improved.
  • High-quality cell:Selected cells, low passages, good cell condition, high activity, applicable for all kinds of gene-editing experiments.

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