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Stem Cell Lines

The stem cells provided by Ubigene have low passages, high viability and good cell condition. Ubigene provides STR authentication reports to ensure the accurate cell identity, and provides karyotype reports to ensure that the cells are not transformed and malignant. Stem cells can be cultured in Human Stem Cell Culture Medium (Catalog#: YM-WC-001) with clear chemical composition and animal origin free ingredients, and no feeder layer is needed. Ubigene’s stem cells can proliferate stably and rapidly, have stable clonal morphology and gene expression, maintain normal karyotype, and have triple germ differentiation potential in vivo and in vitro. They are suitable for research and application related to stem cells.

In addition, Ubigene has a mature gene editing system. We had successfully carried out gene knockout, point mutation and KI on H1, H9 and IPSC many times. We have mature gene-editing experience and complete gene-editing solutions. The exclusive Red Cotton system can provide you with efficient gene knockout and point mutation strategies, gene editing target site validation primer design tool (EZ-editor™ primer design platform), and gene editing sample sequencing result interpretation tool -- EZ-editor™ genotype analysis system (GAS). When you use our cell lines for gene-editing experiments, Ubigene will provide you with free professional technical guidance throughout the whole gene-editing process.

Classification Cell Type Product Name Catalog# Size Instruction
   Reproductive System Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) IPSC-DYR0100 YC-C098 2*10^5 More
   Reproductive System Human embryonic stem cell H9 YC-C097 2*10^5 More
   Reproductive System Human embryonic stem cell H1 YC-C096 2*10^5 More

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