HEC-1-B cell line


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Human Uterine Adenocarcinoma Cell Line(HEC-1-B) Order

HEC-1-B cell line
Human Uterine Adenocarcinoma Cell Line
Storage conditions
Shipped on dry ice; Store in liquid nitrogen
HEC-1-B cell line

Detailed Product Information

Product category
Wild-type Cell Lines
Cell Info
This is a substrain of HEC-1-A (see ATCC HTB-112) isolated in 1968 by H. Kuramoto.
Epithelial-like, adherent
Passage ratio
Mycoplasma test
Culture method
88%MEM+10%FBS+1%Sodium Pyruvate+1%NEAA
ExPASy Cellosaurus Database
Is a valuable online resource that compiles detailed information on over 100,000 cell lines from reputable cell banks such as ATCC, ECACC, and DSMZ. The database provides information including descriptions, origins, and characteristics of the cell lines, with broad reference value and scientific reliability. Additionally, the database provides information on cell line authentication, STR profiles, and potential contamination risks, helping researchers ensure the trustworthiness of the cell lines used in their experiments.
Loci STR Info (Sample Cell)
Sample Cell Line:HEC-1-B
STR Info (Cell bank)
Cell Line:HEC-1-B
D5S818 11131113
D13S317 11161116
D7S820 911911
D16S539 11121112
VWA 18181818
TH01 6767
TPOX 811811
CSF1PO 10121012
* STR authentication data of this cell line matches with that of cell lines sourced from ATCC, DSMZ, JCRB, and RIKEN databases.
Conclusion: The STR identification of this cell is correct.
Cultured cell morphology
HEC-1-B cell line Cultured cell morphology

Product Advantage

  • High-quality cells: The cells in our cell bank have low passages, high activity and good cell condition
  • STR Authentication: All cells of human and murine origin in our cell bank have available STR Authentication reports, guaranteeing accurate cell identity.
  • Applicable for gene-editing: The cell lines in our cell bank have been successfully used in gene-editing cell line generation, applicable for all kinds of gene-editing experiments.
  • Free technical support: Ubigene, with over 12-year gene-editing experience, will provide the professional technical support of gene-editing technology for free.

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