Good news! Ubigene Welcomes a new Scientist——Dr. Asad Uzzaman


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Good news! Ubigene Welcomes a new Scientist——Dr. Asad Uzzaman

Recently, Dr. Asad Uzzaman joined Ubigene. Asad is a PhD of biology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and has experiences in Umea University in Sweden and Islamic University. He has many years of research experience in molecular biology and cell biology, and has fruitful results in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics areas. His researches were published in several well recognized journals such as Microchimica Acta and Biochimie.

Dr. Asad had developed a new method which is based on carbon namomaterials, for extraction and enrichment of membrane associated proteins. Membrane protein exosomes play a major role in signal transduction. They are closely related to the cancer development and metastasis, and have important value for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

With Dr. Uzzaman’s help, Ubigene will accelerate the development of gene editing technology for preclinical research, antibody drugs research, and gene therapies for genetic diseases and tumor.

CRISPR-U™ and CRISPR-B™, developed by Ubigene, can improve the efficiency of gene editing by 10-30 times, which are breakthrough patented technologies in vivo and vitro. To develop the global market, Ubigene’s services and products radiate over land and sea from China outward to the whole world. Ubigene has provided high-quality products and services to customers in more than 20 countries and 100 regions.

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