microbes gene KO or overexpression microorganisms, as low as 1480 USD.


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In this new semester, Ubigene offers customized microorganism promotion!
Ubigene has rich experience in microorganism engineering

Ubigene developed CRISPR-B™ which optimizes the microbial gene--editing vectors and process. The efficiency and accuracy are 20x higher than traditional methods. CRISPR-B™ can be used in gene editing of bacteria and fungi.

Exclusive innovation, 20x efficiency

Exclusive innovation, 20x efficiency

Scarless gene-editing, safe and sound

Scarless gene-editing, safe and sound

Gene knockout (KO), point mutation (PM) and knockin (KI)

Promotion period


Microbe typeKOOverexpressionTurnaround
E. coli 1980 USD4980 USD4-6 weeks
Salmonella 1480 USD1980 USD6-8 weeks
Note: the prices are only applicable to standard strains

Ubigene have seized the victory, on the basis of the existing functions, combining with the gene editing big data, bioinformatics and information technology, the function of "Automated Microbial Gene-editing Designer" was invented, covering various species such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Bacillus cereus, and Shigella. Within 1 minute, Red cotton™ can design a targeting strategy. It is for free and we hope our system could solve your problems while you are planning your projects!

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