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Overexpression Stable Cell Lines

Stable overexpression cell line service Price Turnaround Deliverable
Promotion cell lines 2020 USD 7-10w 2 Vials (>1*10^6)
Cell Line in >100 cell list 2480 USD 8-11w
Other Cell Lines 2980 USD 9-14w
Note: Promotion cell lines: Hela, HEK-293, A549, HCT116, 4T1, SGC-7901, RAW264.7, NCI-H1299

Stable shRNA expression cell line

Service Price Turnaround Deliverable
Stable shRNA expression cell line 1980 USD 9-13w 2 Vials (>1*10^6)


Lentivirus packaging service Price Turnaround Deliverable
Gene Over-expression 1078 USD 4-6w 1E+8TU
shRNA Expression 599 USD 3-4w

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