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What needed to deal with after the gene-editing experiment for a cell is done?
A subsequent series of cell assays are important as well! But!
No equipment to do the cell-based assays for phenotypic analysis?
Too messy and huge workload for data analysis?
No appropriate service provider found?

No worries! Let Ubigene rescues you!
Ubigene have now launched a series of new services - Cell assays
Providing One-Stop Services from cell line generation to cell phenotypic analysis
Ubigene can help save your time from tedious, repetitive experiments and obtain
the experimental data for you.

Ubigene has been receiving the feedback from customers and trying our best to reach the requirements. So, we released the cell phenotypic analysis services, covering a wide range of popular cell-based assays such as assays for cell proliferation, cell apoptosis, cell migration and invasion, cell cycle, cytotoxicity, marker protein expression levels, and cytokine secretion/enzyme activity (ELISA), and so on. Feel free to contact us for more information and ordering.

Here is the big promotion for you!

As long as you have ordered any KO / Overexpression / Knockdown Cell Line project from Ubigene, you can enjoy the promotional price for the following all-in-one package of cell assays.

Promotional package: cell subculturing, cell proliferation assay, cell migration or invasion assay, and cell cycle assay.

Promotional package Deliverables Promotional price
Services included Cell subculture - Contact us >
Cell proliferation (CCK-8)

As soon as 5 business days you will get:
Raw data
Professional analysis
Detailed report

Either cell migration/invasion (Transwell)
Cell cycle (PI staining-flow analysis)
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