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Ubigene officially establishes our
EZ-editor™ Gene-editing Series Products

Good Experimental materials are always required for the easier experiment >
With 12 years of experience, Ubigene has exclusively innovated and developed 6 product lines
Help you achieve "Easier genome editing"

Now Ubigene also releases the Gene-editing Cell Value Pack
Applicable for all types of wild-type cells to achieve gene-editing
Paired with various of gene-editing useful tools
One-stop addressing all your needs - From cell culture to genotype validation for single-cell clones
20% OFF for the Luxury Value Pack
Save your time, save your effort, help you easily achieve gene-editing


Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free)

Our Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free) can help researchers save at least 2 weeks of time
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We all know that the gene-editing experiment has a long turnarounds, especially, the subculturing of single-cell clones, and the monoclonal validation. It will take several weeks for the single-cell clones to grow to a sufficient amount for validation and it will also take several days to verify the single-cell clones. Sometimes it may take at least one month to obatin the results. Researches' time is precious, it is a huge waste if spending too much time waiting for the clone growing and validation. This Monoclone Validation Kit can effectively save your time. Click here for more information >

This Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free) is exclusively developed by Ubigene's expert team, it includes genomic sample preparation and PCR system. And it minimizes cell sample usage with a streamlined genomic sample preparation process, which effectively resolves some issues such as the time-consuming gene-editing experiment, complicated steps for single-cell clone validation, and large costs of the experiment. The kit has a wide range of applications, with a large body of experimental data demonstrating its suitability for all types of adherent versus suspension cells, including but not limited to cells of human, mouse, rat or other animal origin, and supports all types of gene editing experiments for positive clone validation.

A large amount of DNA template amounts from cell samples (as low as 100 cells ) can be obtained for PCR experiments in only 3 steps using this kit, which achieves the purpose of high-throughput and rapid identification of genotype in early growth stage of clones, screening qualified single clones in advance, and eliminating the cost of culturing large numbers of non-positive clones. The kit contains preferred PCR identification reagents and can be used to compatible with multiple impurities remaining in genomic crude extract samples and other factors that may affect PCR reactions, improving the accuracy of identification results . In addition, two tools developed by Ubigene, (1) the primer design tool for gene editing target site identification (high efficiency primer design platform) provided in the Red Cotton™ system and (2) EZ-editor™ Genotype Analysis System (GAS) can assist you more rapidly through the entire single-cell clone validation process.


Wild-type Cell Lines, Stable Cell Lines (Cas9, Luciferase)

High quality cells are the important foundation for the success of gene-editing experiments
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The quality of cells determines the success of gene-editing experiments. High quality cells do not only ensure the transfection rate in some situation, but also improve the monoclonal formation rate. High quality cells are the important foundation for the success of gene-editing experiments. Click here for more information >

Based on the high requirement of in-stock cells, Ubigene has established two exclusive cell banks: Wild-type Cell Bank, Tool Cell Bank ( Cas9 Stable Cell Line and Luciferase Stable Cell Line ). The wild-type cell lines in our cell bank are selected by Ubigene from more than a thousand cases of gene editing experiments , which are the most preferred and suitable WT cells for gene-editing experiments. Our in-stock tool cell lines include high-quality Cas9 cell lines and Luc cell lines , bringing great convenience for researchers and these cells can shorten the experimental turnaround. The cells in the two cell banks have low passages, high activity, and all cells of human and murine origin in our cell bank have available STR Authentication reports, guaranteeing accurate cell identity. Ubigene will provide the professional technical support of gene-editing technology for free.


Transfection Culture Medium

Tips of the success of gene-editing
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Cell culture is the basis of all cell experiments. A good culture medium can maintain the cell condition and it also optimizes the cells condition according to different experimental stages,so that cells can have the best condition in each experimental phase. Click here for more information >

For the characteristics of different experimental phases and different cells in the gene-editing experiment, two types of specific Culture Medium are developed by Ubigene, Transfection Culture Medium and Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium . Transfection Culture Medium helps optimize cell condition before transfection, ensure the transfection effect, and effectively improve the gene editing efficiency. Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium can improve the monoclonal formation rate of cells . For cells that are inherently difficult to form single-cell clones, Ubigene has successfully optimized the medium proportion and formula to improve the rate. Experimental data show that the use of these 2 Culture Mediums can effectively improve gene-editing efficiency.


To enjoy gene-editing, Gene-editing Cell Line Package is enough

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High-quality WT cell line, specific medium (Transfection Culture Medium and Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium), 3 single gRNA plasmids and a Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free) that can instantly shorten your experimental turnarounds by 1/3;You must not miss out this luxury Gene-editing Cell Line Package. Click here for more information >

Each package contains the following products:

High-quality Wild-type cell line

Transfection Culture Medium

Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium

Monoclone Validation Kit
(extraction free)

Monoclone Validation Kit
(extraction free)

Selectable Cell Lines:
U-87 MG
Hep G2
RAW 264.7
MC3T3-E1 Subclone 14 etc.

Promotion period: Valid until 10/31/2021


Over 10,000 in-stock gRNA plasmids as low as $80

Red Cotton™ Plasmid Bank
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gRNA plasmid design is difficult, and vector synthesis needs to wait a few days. If the knockout efficiency does not reach the expectation, you have to redo the experiment. In this case, it is highly recommended to purchase the in-stock gRNA plasmid straight away. Our Red Cotton™ gRNA Plasmid Bank has more than 10,000 gRNA plasmids in stock. Our gRNA has good specificity, and they all have been verified by experiments. If you want to save your time cost, choose our in-stock gRNA plasmids. Click here for more information >

Based on our CRISPR-U™ Technology and thousands of gene-editing success cases , Ubigene has successfully developed a series of gRNA plasmids (YKO) with high gene-editing efficiency, including regular plasmids, lentiviral plasmids, and AAV plasmids. And Ubigene has successfully established the Red Cotton™ gRNA Plasmid Bank, which is the basis of our "Red Cotton Gene Knockout Project". Ubigene's plasmids can enter cells via regular transfection methods and can edit target sites efficiently after transient expression of high levels of Cas9 protein in target cells. Also, our plasmids can be co-transfected with a variety of gRNAs to target multiple sites in cells. At present, our Red Cotton™ gRNA Plasmid Bank has over 10000 gRNA plasmids in stock, which can be widely used in different fields of gene-editing research. You can search our in-stock gRNA plasmids according to your gene of interest.


Cas9/GFP/mCherry/Luciferase expression Lentivirus

Ubigene's Lentivirus, high titer, more efficient for induction
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If you want to infect cells, you have to use lentivirus. If you want to infect cells efficiently and safely, you have to use the lentivirus of Ubigene: the third generation lentivirus packaging system is used to improve safety and ensure that the infection efficiency is high enough. No need to concern about which lentivirus brand to choose, Ubigene's Lentivirus is more efficient and safer. Click here for more information >

Lentivirus, different from regular retrovirus, can effectively infect cells in division and non-division, and the infection efficiency is very high, which is several times or even dozens of times that of traditional methods. Lentivirus has a wide range for host and can effectively infect many types of cells, such as neurons, hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, tumor cells, endothelial cells, stem cells, etc. In addition, it also has the advantages of low immunogenicity and large gene capacity. It is a powerful tool for introducing foreign genes, and Lentivirus is often used to construct stable cell lines . While ensuring the Strong activity, high titer and stable expression of fluorescence/resistance genes of lentivirus vector, Ubigene adopts the third generation lentivirus packaging system for lentivirus packaging to make it safer.


Mycoplasma Treatment Kit

Is the cell condition abnormal? It is probably the mycoplasma contamination
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Every researcher will face difficulty during cell culture about mycoplasma contamination. Despite mycoplasmid contamination, the saddest thing is that mycoplasma is unable to eliminate completely. Our Mycoplasma Treatment kit can quickly and completely remove Mycoplasma. Click here for more information >

The Mycoplasma Treatment kit can specifically address Mycoplasma contamination, launched by Ubigene expert team based on our own extensive cell culture experience. The experimental data shows that it takes as fast as 3 days to effectively remove mycoplasma inside and outside the cells as quickly as possible using our Mycoplasma Treatment kit, which also eliminates Common Gram negative or positive bacteria to some extent. Thus it can resolve the problems due to mycoplasma contamination and ensure the accuracy of cell research results.

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