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New Semester Sales!
New semester, new plan on research and experiments
Still drafting a plan of which gene of interest to study?
But other researchers have already started the experiments and preparing manuscripts

Wanna catch-up? Let Ubigene help you!
Get in the boat named "Red Cotton™ Gene Knockout Project"
We have listed the most researched genes and popular disease cell models
Covering various valuable signaling pathways and diseases
Let Ubigene's cell lines coloring your research!

Check-in time:2021.9.23-2021.11.30

Route of "Red Cotton™ Gene knockout Project"
Station #1 In-stock KO cell line
600+ types of cell lines As low as $1880
Ubigene has integrated existing KO cell line resources, preliminarily constructed a KO cell line bank, with more than 600 KO cell lines in-stock covering 10 research fields. Feel free to inquire for the in-stock KO cell line with your gene of interest. As low as $1880, turnaround as fast as 1 week.
Cell Type Price (USD) Size Turnaround
In-stock KO cell lines(Over 600 types) 1880-2580 1M cells/vial 1 week
Covering the following KO cell lines:
Hela (CAD)
HCT116 (SRC)
RAW 264.7 (Myd88)
A549 (ACLY)
HEK293 (NPC1)
Station #2 Signaling Pathway Research
8 popular signaling pathways Nearly 900 genes Only $2021
In order to assist the research of signaling pathways and facilitate the expansion of Ubigene KO Cell Line Bank, Ubigene has selected over 900 genes from 8 popular signaling pathways, aiming to construct more than 1700 KO cell lines. If gene of interest is on the list, inquire us to get your special price!
  • Signaling Pathway
  • NF-kB
  • Hedgehog
  • MAPK
  • Notch
  • PI3K-Akt
  • TFG-beta
  • Wnt

Note: the gene list would be appropriately updated according to the research progress and research focus in each field.

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Station #3 Popular Disease-Related Genes
Covering 100 diseases 900+Genes As low as $2280
In order to help with the research of disease treatment, we have selected 10 types of popular cell lines as disease cell models and nearly 900 genes, covering 8 human systems and nearly 100 diseases, aiming to construct more than 2700 types of KO cell lines. If the disease cell model of interest is on the list, inquire us to get your special price!
  • Mental diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Immune diseases
  • Infectious diseases
  • Genetic diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Ear diseases
  • Bone diseases
  • Cancer diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Reproductive diseases
  • Blood diseases
  • Metabolic diseases
Disease Type
Cell Line  
  • HCT 116
  • THP-1
  • RAW 264.7
  • HepG2
  • Hela
  • 4T1
  • Huh7
  • MC3T3
  • MDA-MB-231
  • U-87MG
Gene ID

Note: the gene list would be appropriately updated according to the research progress and research focus in each field.

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Station #4 Custom Gene KO Cell Line Generation Service
As low as $2021
None of the aforementioned genes or cell lines interest you? Feel free to contact us to customize the KO cell lines. For more details, please inquire >>
Cell Types Price (USD) Turnaround (weeks) Deliverable
<3 Projects 3-5 Projects 6-9 Projects ≥10 Projects





Hep G2






2980 2780 2480 2021 8-12 Positive Clones




Hepa 1-6




U-87 MG






U-2 OS



3780 3580 3180 2780 8-12
Promotional cell lines in 100 cell list
Please Inquire >>
4280 4080 3880 3680 8-14
Red Cotton™ Gene Knockout Project    More >
Within 3-5 years, aim to build up a KO cell line bank with 5,000 cell lines, and a Red Cotton™ gRNA Plasmid Bank with 25,000 gRNA plasmids

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