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Having troubles on gene point mutation/knock-in cell line experiments such as low recombination efficiency therefore few positive clones obtained from many rounds of experiments? Let Ubigene, expert in CRISPR gene-editing, rescue you.

Ubigene-developed CRISPR-U™ technology can greatly improve the homologous recombination efficiency; Rich experience on modifying over 5,000 genes from 100+ cell lines ensures the high quality and reliability of the plasmids and experimental strategies; Mature transfection procedure and exclusive Transfection Culture Medium significantly enhances transfection efficiency; Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium significantly enhances at least 30% of colony formation rate; Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free) enables efficient single-cell clone validation at early stage (96-well plate), and so on. Ubigene has comprehensively optimized the experimental procedure from all stages of experiment, achieving effective improvement on success rate of gene point mutation/knock-in cell line experiments and the delivery of positive clones.

New semester, new research topic

During the time of viewing the scientific articles on holiday,

Don't you see different types of CRISPR/Cas9 applications in gene function studies?

Although our Red Cotton™ Gene Knockout Project has got your attention (studying gene function on gene KO cell lines),

Do you find more interesting in gene point mutation/knock-in cell line to study?

Let Ubigene help you understand how valuable the gene point mutation/knock-in cell line is for your gene function and disease study!

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    KOcell line
  • With over 50,000 human genetic diseases globally, there are over 4,000 diseases caused by gene point mutations. Therefore, constructing a precise point mutation disease model is of great value for disease treatment research and clinical application: Ubigene's Gene Point Mutation Cell Line service can help you construct the customized gene point mutation cell model, with high efficiency and accuracy, as low as $8,480.
Cell typesPrice(USD)Turnaround(Week)Deliverables
293T, A549, HCT116848012-20Positive clones
Hela, 4T1, H9C2, RAW264.7, NCI-H12998980
Promotional cell lines in 100 cell list please inquire >>9980
If you feel it is not sufficient to have gene point mutation cell lines only for your studies, what about getting an extra gene KO cell line as the control to support the experimental conclusion? It is only an extra $500 to get a KO cell line if ordering point mutation cell line services for specific genes. Get your point mutation and KO cell lines at the same time with a affordable cost, also facilitate your disease research!
For more KO cells in-stock as low as $1,180, click here to check>

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  • Reporter gene has been widely used in various research fields. Combined with CRISPR/Cas9 technology, it can efficiently reveal the research value of the gene of interest. The construction of reporter gene knock-in cell model can not only be used for gene expression detection, promoter activity research and cell localization; It can also be used for protein localization and tracking, protein-protein interaction, toxic substance detection and drug screening, etc. Ubigene's Gene Knock-in Cell Line service can help you construct the reporter gene KI cell model, with high effectivity and accuracy, as low as $9,480>>
Cell typesKI TypePrice(USD)Turnaround(Week)Deliverables
293T, A549, HCT116Reporter gene948012-20Positive clones
Hela, 4T1, H9C2, RAW264.7, NCI-H1299Reporter gene9980
Promotional cell lines in 100 cell list please inquire >>Reporter gene10980

The construction of cell model is not the last step of the gene function study experiments. In order to draw conclusions at the molecular and cellular levels from the sight of gene function, it is important to do the cell phenotypic analysis: If ordering Gene Knock-in/Point Mutation Cell Line services for specific genes, it will come with a $2000 coupon for cell phenotypic services. One-stop addressing all your needs on gene function study.

For more details about Cell Assays Services>>

Cell Assays Services such as:

  • Cell proliferation
  • Cell apoptosis
  • Cell migration/Invasion
  • Cell cycle
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Marker protein expression level detection
  • Cytokine secretion/enzyme activity...

Ubigene's professional equipment, expert team, and professional strategy would support all your needs on cell phenotypic analysis experiments.

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