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Ubigene, is not only specialized in the field of gene-editing cell line, but also achieving "Golden" standard in the field of stable cell line construction.
Here are the reasons why our stable cell line can be called "Golden" Stable Cell Line:

Specific Cell
Culture Protocol

The different characteristics of cell lines determine that their culture protocols...

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The different characteristics of cell lines determine that their culture protocols will also be different. The simple distinction between adherent and suspension cells cannot determine an optimal culture protocol for each cell line. Ubigene, with the rich experience of culturing 100+ types of cell lines, finely classifies cell lines from the tissue of origin, cell growth characteristics, cell microenvironment, etc., and customizes specific culture protocols to allow each type of cell line all has specific transduction culture medium for optimizing cell condition before and after transduction.

Transduction Parameter

In the cell transduction experiment to construct stable cell lines...

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In the cell transduction experiment to construct stable cell lines, MOI plays a decisive role in the efficacy of infection, usually for difficult to infect cells such as suspension cells, some laboratories tend to adopt high MOI values for infection to pursue better infection efficiency and reduce service costs, but in the meantime, the cell condition would be neglected.

Therefore Ubigene, through the refined classification of cell lines, a precise selection of transduction medium, and discovery of the optimal MOI value of each cell line, has developed the specific optimal transduction procedures for over 100 types of cell lines. While ensuring the best transduction effect, the exclusive transduction procedure can ensure good cell condition after transduction and antibiotic screening, maximally achieving the “Golden” standard for stable cell line construction service.

Formation Ability

Compared with gene knockout cell lines, the growth ability of cells after...

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Compared with gene knockout cell lines, the growth ability of cells after cell transduction and antibiotic screening, that is, the monoclonal formation rate, is often neglected. But in fact, the construction of stable cell lines is never the final step of the research, and the subtle cell condition differences of stable cell lines will allow the subsequent experimental process to have more uncontrollable factors, for example, the expression of gene products of interest, variations in the yield of secreted proteins, the invasive capacity of cells, and so on can be subject to errors introduced by cell condition.

Therefore, having good monoclonal growth ability is also one of the "Golden" standards of Ubigene’s Custom Stable Cell Lines. Our aim is also to help researchers better carry out subsequent experimental research with Ubigene "Golden" Stable Cell Lines!

Check out our“Golden” Stable Cell Lines with attractive and affordable prices!

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(1 shRNA)
Popular cell line20207-1017807-91M cells/vial
2 vials/cell pool
modified cell line
(Over 100 types)
Regular cell line29809-1424809-13
NotePopular cell lines: Hela, HEK-293, A549, HCT116, 4T1, SGC-7901, RAW264.7, NCI-H1299

Tools to construct“Golden” Stable Cell Lines

1Plasmid Construction As low as $137.5

Plasmid construction is the first step in the construction of stable cell lines. According to different target genes, parental cell lines and research purpose, it is critical to select appropriate backbone, promoter, tag, and ligation method. Ubigene provides high-quality customized plasmid construction service for gene knockdown and overexpression for different scientific research needs:

Gene Overexpression Plasmid Construction Service >   Gene Knockdown Plasmid Construction Service >

2Lentivirus PackagingAs low as $559

Viral titer, viral activity and so on can have a large impact on transduction efficacy. Ubigene with extensive experience in viral packaging, including lentivirus, adenovirus and adeno-associated virus, have been successful in providing superior virus packaging services to hundreds of scientific researchers. Below is the recent case:

Knockdown1 shRNA5993-5
3 shRNA17973-5
KO1 Single-gRNA5593-5
1 Dual-gRNA10784-6
3 Single-gRNAs16773-5
KO All-in-oneSignal gRNA/Cas9

3Exclusive Transduction Procedure | Relevant ProductsAs low as $390

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