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KO Cell Line Bank

Another upgrade released of Ubigene exclusive KO Cell Line Bank! Now we have about 2000 KO cell lines, covering thousands of genes from 8 popular signaling pathways, popular immune checkpoints and diseases (most are cancer disease), as low as $1980, save at least $1000! Enter Gene Name or Gene ID in the search box below to search from our KO Cell Line Bank.

Signaling Pathway Research

The study of cell signaling pathways is of great significance to explore the cell physiological function, disease mechanism, tumorigenesis and other research fields. To further assist the research on signaling pathways, Ubigene has selected over 800 genes from 8 popular signaling pathways to help create the KO Cell Line Bank.

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Immune checkpoints

Immune checkpoints are currently available for the effective treatment of tumor cancer, such as monoclonal antibody drugs. At the current stage, more potential targets are under study and their specific regulatory mechanisms are still not clear. Thus, this is a very challenging as well as popular direction to study.

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Popular Disease Cell Line Model

Constructing models for disease research is essential as the breakthroughs in areas such as studying mechanisms of disease, validating and exploring drug targets, and developing therapeutic tools. Therefore we have expanded our disease-related gene list to 1100+, covering nearly 150 diseases.

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Ubigene officially initiates the "Red Cotton™ Gene Knockout Project", relying on the improved gene-editing system (CRISPR-U™ technology, Ubigene-developed Red Cotton™ CRISPR Gene Editing System, and EZ-editor™ Gene-editing Series Products). Through the higher cutting efficiency, more efficient and controllable experimental process and more accurate and intelligent data analysis, Ubigene has established KO cell line bank and the Red Cotton™ gRNA Plasmid Bank containing over 10,000 gRNA plasmids in-stock. In the future, we will continuously advance the construction of KO Cell Line Bank and gRNA Plasmid Bank.

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Custom Gene KO Cell Line Generation Service

Cell TypesPrice (USD)Turnaround (weeks)Deliverable
<3 Projects3-5 Projects6-9 Projects≥10 Projects
HEK293 A549 Hela MDCK
B16-F10 4T1 293T HCT116
Hep G2 NCI-H1299
29802780248020218-12Positive Clones
CT26.WT RKO Vero MC3T3-E1
NIH/3T3 AGS H9C2 Hepa 1-6
U-87 MG SCC7 C2C12 CHO-k1
HT-29 MC38 U-2 OS SK-MES-1
Promotional cell lines in 100 cell list
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Ubigene, make genome editing easier

  • Red Cotton™ CRISPR Gene Editing Designer

    Red Cotton™ CRISPR Gene Editing Designer

    Ubigene's Red Cotton™ CRISPR Gene Editing Designer has been used more than 40000 times, which successfully designed more than 30000 CRISPR gene KO strategies, and our Red Cotton™ CRISPR Gene Editing Designer has successfully solved problems for thousands of researchers.

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  • CRISPR-U™ technology

    CRISPR-U™ technology

    Ubigene has successfully modified over 5000 genes from more than 100 cell lines with our developed CRISPR-U™ technology, and the KO efficiency leaps to 80%, and has higher homologous recombination efficiency. It can easily complete KO, point mutation and KI.

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  • EZ-editor™ Gene-editing Products

    EZ-editor™ Gene-editing Products

    With 12 years of experience, Ubigene has exclusively innovated and developed 6 product lines, including Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free), Wild-type Cell Lines, Stable Cell Lines (Cas9, Luciferase), Transfection Culture Medium, Over 10,000 in-stock gRNA plasmids, Cas9/GFP/mCherry/Luciferase expression Lentivirus, Mycoplasma Treatment Kit, which fully covers the experiment process of gene-editing in order to simplify the experiment process and improve the efficiency of gene-editing. Make genome editing easier!

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