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Finding a way to achieve successful gene-editing
Now is time for the Winter Fiesta of EZ-editor™ products
Facilitate your gene-editing experiment

Help you construct the "perfect" KO cell line with the full series of EZ-editor™ products

Take care of every step of gene editing
  • Strategies design
  • >
  • Cell culture
  • >
  • Vector construction
  • >
  • Cell transfection
  • >
  • Single clone generation
  • >
  • Positive clone screening
  • Red Cotton™ Gene-editing System

    Paired the EZ-editor™ products with Red Cotton™ Gene-editing System and three major tools (Ubigene exclusively developed), it only takes 1 minute to get the strategy and analysis result of the experiment!

    Sequencing Data Analysis
    Sequencing Data Analysis

    Automatically analyze sequencing data of the plasmid, output plasmid assessment report to verify the successful construction of plasmid.

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    Primer Design
    Primer Design

    Design primers for KO target site validation, help you easily verify positive clones.

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    Genotype Analysis System(GAS)
    Genotype Analysis System(GAS)

    Automatically analyze genotype sequencing data, accurately read the peaks with intelligent dial peak strategy; allow a highly efficient assessment of KO efficiency of the cell pool versus the individual genotype occupancy, also rapidly obtain genotype information of single-cell clone.

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  • Cas9 stable cell line

    Improving 5-10 times of gene-editing efficiency

  • Red Cotton™ gRNA Plasmid Bank

    Over 10,000 validated gRNA plasmids in stock, only $80/ea

  • Transfection Culture Medium

    improve transfection efficiency by 80%

  • Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium

    Improve monoclonal formation efficiency by 30%

  • Monoclonal Validation Kit

    High sensitivity, as low as 100 cells required for validation

Try our all-in-one kit!
  • EZ-editor™ Gene Knockout kit

    Shorten the experimental turnarounds of 4 weeks

    Preferred gRNA plasmids ensuring cutting efficiency; Exclusive Monoclonal Validation reagent shorten turnaround by 4 weeks.

  • Lentivirus Packaging Kit

    Preferred plasmids and formula

    Good performance of lentivirus packaging, high virus yields, improved safety with third-generation lentivirus packaging system.

Multiple-type, high quality Cell Bank, in-stock cells help accelerate your experiment!

  • In-stock KO cell lines 
    As low as $1980

    About 2000 in-stock KO cells,
    covering 10 popular research fields

  • Wild-type Cell Lines STR Authentication

    Low passages, high activity and good cell condition, highly suitable for gene-editing experiments.

  • Cas9 Stable Cell Lines Improve 5-10 times of gene-editing efficiency

    Provide validation data and STR Authentication report; Has been used to successfully construct a large number of KO cell lines!

  • Luciferase Stable Cell Lines Provide Luciferase expression validation report

    High specificity, high quality imaging; Provide STR Authentication report.

Necessary tools in Cell related experiment, highly-used!

  • Mycoplasma Treatment kit  Nontoxic to cells

    Effective elimination as fast as 3 days, polypeptides composition – do not cause antibiotic resistance!

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