Gene Knock-in / Point Mutation Cell Line


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Failed in construct the knock-in/point mutation cell line in-house Other than the low efficiency of the homologous recombination, have you consider other reasons? Ubigene has comprehensively optimized the experimental procedure Greatly improve the success rate of gene knock-in/point mutation cell line.

  • Exclusive CRISPR-U™ technology

    10-20 times higher cutting efficiency than the traditional CRISPR/Cas9 technology, to achieve higher recombination homologous efficiency.

  • Professional custom strategy

    With over 12-year of gene-editing experience, Ubigene expert team provides professional assessment according to genes and cell lines information as well as provides practical experimental strategy, to ensure the quality and reliability of gRNA vectors, and greatly improve the success rate of experiments.

  • Rich experience on gene-editing

    Based on the thousands of experiments, Ubigene has figured out the optimal experimental parameters of over 200 cell lines and comprehensively optimized the experimental procedure, achieving effective improvement on the rate/chance to obtain positive clones.

As low as $8480 to get the gene knock-in/point mutation cell lines, it will come with a $2000 coupon for cell phenotypic services. One-stop addressing all your needs from cell line construction to cell phenotypic analysis.

CRISPR Gene Point Mutation Cell Line

Cell typePrice(USD)Turnaround (Week)Deliverables
293T A549 HCT116848012-20Positive clones
Promotional cell lines in 200 cell list
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CRISPR Gene Knock-in Cell Line

Cell typeKI TypePrice (USD)Turnaround(Week)Deliverables
293T A549 HCT116Reporter gene948012-20Positive clones
Hela4T1H9C2RAW264.7NCI-H1299Reporter gene9980
Promotional cell lines in 200 cell list
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Reporter gene10980

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