Red Cotton™ gRNA plasmid bank

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New year, new KO
Red Cotton™ gRNA plasmid bank
Starting from $20
Knockout validated
Ready to knockout!
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$20 gRNA plasmid list

Gene Gene ID Type Reporter/Resistance gRNA sequence CAT # Instruction Price

For more in-stock gRNAs, please visit our Red Cotton™ gRNA plasmid bank>>

New year, more gift
Enjoy 10% OFF for EZ-editor™ products*
Any EZ-editor™ product will come with $20 coupon for gRNA plasmid**
100K+ validated gRNA plasmids

* gRNA plasmids and KO cell lines will not be applicable in this 10% off promotion.
** Except Gene knockout kit, purchasing any EZ-editor™ series product will come with a
$20 gRNA plasmid coupon for any plasmids in Red Cotton™ gRNA plasmid bank.

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