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What is the trick of generating a stable cell line that match our research needs? That is to ensure the stability of cell condition during every step of experiments, especially when the target gene is large and the cell line itself is difficult to culture or transfect. Ubigene has explored the best MOI as well as culture system for each cell line from our cell bank, so as to ensure that the constructed stable cell line can continuously express/knockdown the target gene!

Quality control from Ubigene
  • Reliable cell lines

    Low passage, high viability

  • Best infection and culture system

    specific transfection culture medium for each cell line

  • MOI database

    Tested the best MOI of every cell line

  • Optimized single cell cloning system

    Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium improves colony formation rate up to 30%

“Golden” Stable Cell Lines

Type Overexpression Knockdown
(1 shRNA)
Price(USD) Turnaround
Price(USD) Turnaround
Popular cell line 2020 7-10 1780 7-9 1M cells/vial
2 vials/cell pool
modified cell line
(Over 200 types)
2480 8-11 1980 8-11
Regular cell line 2980 9-14 2480 9-13
Note Popular cell lines: Hela, HEK-293, A549, HCT116, 4T1, SGC-7901,  NCI-H1299

All the way to single cell clones

Single cell clone isolation service

Single cell cloning has a high labor cost. So why not let Ubigene do the job? Now we are offer 50% OFF for this cloning service!
Service List price(USD) Promotional price(USD)
Single cell clone isolation
(2 clones)
Regular cell lines  500  250

EZ-editor™ Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium

Trying to isolate clones in house? Don't miss this Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium!

Adding preferred good-quality serum according to the characteristics of different cells.

Performing multiple optimization and testing of the proportion of medium components.

Significantly increase the monoclonal formation rate up to 30%.

Ubigene has tested this product in some cell lines that are difficult to form colonies (Table 1).

To learn more about Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium>>
Cell line Morphology Single-cell clone fomation rate Common culture medium EZ-editor™
Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium
SK-N-SH Epithelial-like, adherent Hard <1% 20-30%
Huh-7 Epithelial-like, adherent Hard 1-5% 15-25%
Hep G2 Epithelial-like, adherent Hard 4-8% 20-30%
22RV1 Epithelial-like, adherent Hard 8-12% 20-30%
MDA-MB-231 Epithelial-like, adherent Medium 8-12% 25-35%
THP-1 Monocyte, suspension Medium 15-19% 25-35%
HEK293 Epithelial-like, adherent Easy 16-20% 32-38%

Table 1: EZ-editor™ Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium significantly increase the monoclonal formation rateNote: This promotion is limited to scientific research customers such as universities and research institutes

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