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Ubigene offers the most comprehensive solution for KO cell line

Need a new KO cell line for a new semester? Check this out...

No.1▸Is there KO cell line off the shelf?
KO cell bank Near 3000 KO cell lines Starting from $1980 Deliver in 1 week!

Ubigene's KO cell bank covers thousands of genes, including 8 signal pathways, 10+ drug development sectors, 100+ common diseases and popular research fields (such as m6A, ferroptosis and exosomes). Search your target gene below to find out if there is a KO cell line in stock.

NO.2▸Is custom service affordable?
KO cell line custom service CRISPR-U™ technology Over 5000 success cases

Cell Types Price (USD) Turnaround (weeks) Deliverable
<3 Projects 3-5 Projects 6-9 Projects ≥10 Projects
HEK293 A549 Hela MDCK
B16-F10 4T1 293T HCT116
2980 2780 2480 2021 8-12 Positive Clones
CT26.WT RKO Vero MC3T3-E1
NIH/3T3 AGS H9C2 Hepa 1-6
U-87 MG SCC7 C2C12 CHO-k1
HT-29 MC38 U-2 OS SK-MES-1Hep G2
3780 3580 3180 2780 8-12
Promotional cell lines in 200 cell list
Please Inquire>
4280 4080 3880 3680 8-14

No.3▸Want to DIY? Try our Gene Knockout Kit!
Gene Knockout Kit 10% OFF 6 weeks

EZ-editor™ Gene Knockout Kit offers necessary reagents for gene editing, combining our Red Cotton™ CRISPR gene editing system, one-stop construction of KO cell line.

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Note: This promotion is limited to scientific research customers such as universities and research institutes

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