Monoclone Validation Kit


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Micro usage of cells, as low as 100 cells required.

Only 3 steps to achieve high-throughput validation of single-cell clones.

Obtain sufficient DNA template in 15 min.

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100 tests $300 $150
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1000 tests $1550 $775

Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free)

This Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free) is exclusively developed by Ubigene's expert team, it includes genomic sample preparation and PCR system. And it minimizes cell sample usage with a streamlined genomic sample preparation process, which effectively resolves some issues such as the time-consuming gene-editing experiment, complicated steps for single-cell clone validation, and large costs of the experiment.

The kit has a wide range of applications, with a large body of experimental data demonstrating its suitability for all types of adherent versus suspension cells, including but not limited to cells of human, mouse, rat or other animal origin, and supports all types of gene editing experiments for positive clone validation.

Comparison between EZ-editor™ series products and conventional method in positive clone validation

 Easy to use

  • Only 3 steps for the preparation of genomic samples;
  • The cell lysate can be used directly in following PCR experiments without purification;
  • Utilizing 96-well plates to simultaneously identify up to hundreds of clones makes high-throughput validation of single-cell clones.

Preferred reagents

Monoclone Validation Kit (extraction free) contains preferred PCR validation reagents that are compatible with residual media from crude extracted genomic samples and components after cell lysis, and so on that may affect PCR reactions, ensuring validation results can be obtained accurately and quickly.

 Red Cotton™ gene editing tools

Two tools developed by Ubigene, (1) the primer design tool for gene editing target site identification (high efficiency primer design platform) provided in the Red Cotton™ system and (2) EZ-editor™ Genotype Analysis System (GAS) can assist you more rapidly through the entire single-cell clone validation process.

Note: This event is limited to scientific research customers such as universities and research institutes

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