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Ubigene proudly offers
Gene-editing complete solution
Facilitate gene-editing experiments in every possible way!
Low cost and high quality
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EZ-editor™ Cell Line

Wild type cell line

STR authenticated

All cell lines have been STR authenticated, 100% guarantee Low passages, high activity and good cell condition Thousands of gene-editing cases, covering Hep G2, Huh-7, 4T1, BEAS-2B, THP-1, RAW264.7, etc.

Wild type cell lines>>

Cas9 stable cell line

Improve 5-10x editing efficiency

Each Cas9 stable cell line has been used to successfully construct various types of gene-edited cell lines. Covering HeLa, Hep G2, THP-1, RAW264.7, B16-F10, HuH-7, MC3T3-E1, SH-SY5Y, Jurkat, MDA-MB-231, etc.

For simple cells, our Cas9 stable cell line helps to get the result faster!

For cells that are difficult to transfect, our Cas9 stable cell line can make the impossible possible!

Cas9 stable cell lines>>

Luciferase stable cell line

Enables high imaging quality

Stably express luciferase, have strong specificity and high sensitivity, and cover a variety of high-frequency cell lines for in vivo injection, such as 4T1, MC38, MC3T3-E1 and RAW264.7, B16-F10, etc. All cell lines have been validated. The imaging quality is high, the luminous intensity can be accurately quantified, so that the imaging is guaranteed. Useful for in vivo imaging, cell tracing, etc.

Luciferase stable cell lines>>

EGFP stable cell line

Stable fluorescence, useful in high-throughput drug screening

Constructed by lentivirus method, EGFP fluorescent protein can be stably and efficiently expressed without any enzyme and substrate. It can fluoresce under UV or blue light excitation and is not easy to quench. Covering Hep G2, Huh-7, 4T1, BEAS-2B, THP-1 and RAW264.7, etc. All cells in the library have been optimized and can be used for high-throughput drug screening, fluorescence tracing in vivo and as control cell lines in lentivirus infection experiments.

EGFP stable cell lines>>

EZ-editor™ Kits

Gene Knockout kit  

All-in-one knockout

More details

Lentiviral Packaging Kit

3ʳᵈ generation packaging system

More details

Mycoplasma Treatment kit

Less harm to cells, clean up in 3 days

More details

EZ-editor™ Culture Medium

Transfection culture medium

Improve transfection efficiency by 80%

More details

Cell Monoclonal Culture Medium

Improve single-cell clone formation rate by 30%

More details


In-stock lentivirus

High titer

More details

Red Cotton™ CRISPR gene editing system

To facilitate your gene-editing experiment, our sole Red Cotton™ CRISPR gene editing system offers FREE primer design tool for target site validation(EZ-editor™ Primer Design)and gene editing sequencing result interpretation tool (EZ-editor™ Genotype Analysis System), Take care of every step of your experiments!

Note: This promotion is limited to scientific research customers such as universities and research institutes

Note: gRNA plasmid and Monoclone Validation Kit are not included in this promotion, to learn about promotions of these products, please visit:

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