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Overexpression·Interference Stable Cell Lines
Starting from $2980, as fast as 8 weeks
Overexpression·Interference Lentivirus
Starting from $559, as fast as 3 weeks
Spring Sales

Customers who order custom stable cell lines or lentivirus will get a control sample for FREE! Don't miss the chance to save! Start ordering your overexpression/knockdown lentivirus and stable cell lines NOW!

Promotion time: 1.20.2020--3.20.2020
Service Interference Overexpression
Timeline 3-4 weeks 4-6 weeks
Price 559 USD 928 USD
Deliverable ≥1E+8TU each (includes control virus) ≥1E+8TU each (includes control virus)

Stable Cell Line
Service Interference Overexpression
Timeline 8-12 weeks 8-12 weeks
Price 2980 USD 3980 USD
Deliverable 2 vials each (includes control cell line) 2 vials each (includes control cell line)

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